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At Trio’s, our manicurists are trained in every type of nail care procedures from manicures, deluxe pedicures, acrylic nails and equipment sterilization, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with clean, professional nail care services.

Beautiful nails combined with expertly applied polishes accent your overall appearance and enhance a total beauty treatment package. Perhaps the most important step you can take towards healthy, strong nails is to maintain a consistent schedule for manicures and nail care.
Infrequent or irregularly scheduled manicures and nail care can lead to fragile, brittle, unhealthy and unattractive nails. Our manicurists can assist you in setting up the right schedule for you that will keep your nails looking their best while ensuring that they’ll stay that way.

• Manicures
• Pedicures & Deluxe Pedicures
• Acrylic Nails

• Nail Art

Men, women, and children can benefit from our nail treatment services here at Trio’s Full Service Beauty Salon. We utilize only top quality products, guaranteed to improve the look and feel of your hands, nails and feet.